Monday, March 8, 2010

NFL Defensive Player of the most expensive to buy in Chicago

Uneasy throughout the week, when Julius - Pei Bosi was found to be the Chicago Bears for how serious he is, he could finally home in Charlotte, sleep well the. Transfer period has just started a free agent, his agent called to tell him on the Bears coach Lowe - Smith, in the city, and soon, Pei Bosi luxury airport terminal, and he met. Now, he has been tried on the uniforms of the Bears.
Pei Bosi join the Bears, the big moves that only missed the playoffs the past three consecutive seasons the team has really begun to focus on the playoff places in competition. Week 5, this five-time All-Star defensive end and top free agent with the Bears signed a six-year deal worth may reach 91.5 million contract. Agent, Carl - Carey, said a record 42 million U.S. dollars is guaranteed, and Pei Bosi first year will be 20 million U.S. dollars, the next three years is 40.5 million U.S. dollars. The contract includes sack bonuses, named All-Star and defensive player of the Year prize. "In the Union, and playing live is one thing, but come to a team like the Bears have a long history of this team is completely different from something else," said Pei Bosi.
In addition to Pei Bosi, Bears to a four-year contract is also from the NFC North champion Minnesota attracted a running back Chester - Taylor, a five-year contract signed with San Diego's side front of the Brandon-Manumaleuna . According to a person familiar with the talks said Taylor, a contract valued 12.5 million U.S. dollars, of which 7 million is guaranteed. He is anonymous told The Associated Press because the deal has not yet been declared.

By signing a union's top players and a running catch and have the ability to challenge the incumbent teams are selected running back Matt - Ford's players after his team to demonstrate the team after missing the playoffs the past three years What a desire to compete in the NFC playoffs places. In a record 7 wins and 9 losses over the past one season, Bears coach group occurred in shock, Mike - Mats and Rod - Marinelli to become the new offensive team coach and defensive coach, but this is just is a start. "I think you must have in order to the team as they are now such a change," Smith said. "I think everyone would say that the introduction of good players make the team have a better future." Friday's signing does not guarantee that the team can overcome adversity, such as Bears fans know it, the team last season transactions to the Denver quarterback kit - Cutler, even so, the team did not solve any major problems, especially in the defensive line.

6-foot-7-inch Pei Bosi has brought incredible athletic ability, but problems with consistency in his eight seasons Carolina has 81 sack, of which there are 10.5 times last season. In Chicago, he will Reims - Briggs, Brian - Urlacher, and Tommy - Harris, playing around, he needs to give only defense in the league in 17, tied for the league sack 13 (35 times) team to provide sufficient power.

Pei Bosi In the past few years have been seeking to leave the Carolina Panthers when the team decided not to label the second consecutive year will be restricted exclusively to the history of their team sack record holder when he basically aground. This also saves the Panthers of at least 20.1 million U.S. dollars. This decision ended the Panthers Pei Bosi and rock-solid two years of negotiations, Pei Bosi Carolina in 2002 was the second overall pick. Pei Bosi in a radio interview last month, acknowledged that after the 2007 season, he refused to accept a contract, this contract will make him the highest-paid defensive players in the League. A year later, his Panthers as a free agent to leave their public ignored the request and gave him the exclusive branded player label, provided a one-year contract worth 16.7 million. Pei Bosi finally relaxed his position and the start and the team long-term negotiations, they do not Tanlong. His 2009 season has been 18.2 million U.S. dollars, including 150 million dollars in prize money to participate in All-Star Game.

Taylor in the Minnesota All-Star Adrian - Peterson's replacement, he has a total of 389 yards of the ball 42 times and 94 times with the ball a total of 338 yards. In 2006 he was washed in 14 games in the ball 1214 yards, Peterson weakened his arrival in the team role.

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