Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Bay 2-year contract starting safety lock-Wei

Green Bay Packers in the current contract expires a large number of players, including one on February 22 renewed success, he is safe Wei Derek - Martin, also a special unit in the performance of one of the most outstanding player.

Martin's agent, Brad - Sicarra In an interview, "Milwaukee Sentinel," an interview revealed that the two sides had reached an agreement on the amount of the contract, if Martin became a restricted free agent, he does not get such a good contract. Packers currently has seven main players may become a restricted free agent, respectively safe Wei atari - bigby, Nick - Collins, cornerback Will - Blackmon, defensive end Johnny - Jolly, Full-Wei John - Kuhn, Defensive Tackle Darren - college and Jason - Spitz, if prior to March 4 for Green Bay, do not give some (Tender), then these people will become a restricted free player.

Martin was only in September last year, Green Bay from Baltimore to trade, there were only 1,170,006 have been thousands of dollars in low-paid, Sicarra told the media, said: "We hope to get some protection before training camp, let us identify him a home . "According to sources, Green Bay is still want to give Collins a long.

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