Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Chinese side demands the EU to lift arms embargo on China

Xinhua Beijing January 28 (Xinhua Wang Huihui SCO) 28, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu said the Chinese side demands the EU to lift arms embargo on China to eliminate political discrimination against China. The same day Foreign Ministry's regular press conference, Jiang Yu answered a reporter's question, reiterated that the Chinese side in the European Union embargo on arms sales to China's position on the issue is consistent and clear.

He said that the essence of the ban on political discrimination against China, which is the current world trend and the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership between the departure from the development phase. China demands the lifting of the ban, aimed at eliminating political discrimination against China, safeguard China's equal rights.

He said: "China hopes the EU to make a political decision as soon as possible, immediately, unconditionally and completely lift the arms embargo, for the healthy development of China-EU relations to eliminate barriers."

Some media reports, Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos said that Spain "is trade-off (arms embargo) and the pros and cons", Spain, France supported the abolition of the ban.

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