Monday, January 25, 2010

Ethiopian Boeing 737 airliner crashed into the sea have been found 34 victims

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft on the 25th morning from the Lebanese capital of Beirut crashed into the sea shortly after take-off. It is reported that the plane from Beirut to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, a total of 90 flights, passengers and crew. Rescue workers now found the remains of 34 victims.

Lebanon's president has ruled out this code 409 flights have been the possibility of terrorist attacks. Local police believe that bad weather may have contributed to the crash cause of the accident. 24 years, Beirut, torrential rain, thunder and lightning. Now, the Lebanese Navy is stepping up its search and rescue work, some aircraft wreckage and the victims have been rushed to the scene luggage near the coast.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 in 2:30, after braving the heavy rain departure, just 5 minutes flight disappeared from radar screens, which crashed into the sea within walking distance from the shore is only 3.5 km. Witnesses said the plane in the "fire" after crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. Passengers on board, mostly of people in Lebanon and Ethiopia, in addition to including the French ambassador's wife in Lebanon.

Ethiopian Airlines said the plane crash from a company called CIT Aerospace rented last month, 25, has just been maintained and passed the security checks. Civil Aviation experts pointed out that if the plane crash did occur before the fire, its cause of the crash is likely to be flying at an altitude too low, resulting in adverse weather conditions out of control crashed into the sea.

This is since after 1987, the Lebanese airliner taking off the airport for the first time a major accident. This accident took place prior to those in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines has one of the few "safe flight enterprise" and the bearer of a number of important routes to Africa to run the work. The company last week announced the purchase of 10 Boeing Next-Generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The airline owns 36 aircraft, the Government of Ethiopia 100% owned by state-owned enterprises, responsible for running a number of regular passenger and cargo flights also provide charter services. Egypt flights are available at 45 airports worldwide, and has a good network of domestic routes. After the founding of Egypt Air in 1988 and 1996 occurred in two major air crashes, killing more than 150 people were killed.

Boeing 737 series aircraft is the Boeing company's dual-fat (motivation), the short-range transport aircraft, has been called the world's aviation history's most successful airliner, but also the largest civil aviation aircraft family, the Boeing 737 series, all models have been more than 6000 copies of orders, in civil aviation history, no other models have not gained in the sales of such a great success.

This passenger volume between 110 to 189, although in recent years occurred in the plane crash of some incidents, but the large number of clusters, so the overall safety record of the aircraft is still very good. Of aviation experts believe that the Boeing 737 rudder design defect that had existed, the results allowed to happen in the air, "suddenly stall crash" a tragedy, but this issue has been resolved.

The Boeing 737-800 airliner crashed a range of about 5926 kilometers, reaching cruising speed of 0.785 Mach (530 km/h). Last year, in February, a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 passenger plane landed at an airport in the Netherlands due to "instrument failure" out of the runway, killing nine people were killed, but most survived the airport.

Such a modern aircraft have a certain ability to resist harsh weather conditions, once the investigators determined the fire before the crash did occur, then the aircraft engine has been a serious accident or a foreign body collision is very high. Up to now, due to weather conditions are too bad, rescue workers have not yet discovered the accident flight "black box" whereabouts.

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