Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One day diet recipes eat you thin

Winter diet Chishimehao? One day you easy weight-loss diet to lose weight, eat will be able to lose weight oh. Want to have a good figure, so be sure not to miss a good chance
One day diet recipes eat you thin

Drinks (a glass of the following drinks optional)

Low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice, sugar-free soy milk, honey, green tea, a bowl of rice porridge.

Non-staple food (The following optional two kinds of non-staple food)

Apples, bananas, Baizhu Dan 1, Rousong bowl, boiled eggs one quarter of a steamed bun, lettuce salad bowl of tofu fourth block.


Staples (The following staple optional one)
Rice bowl, a bowl of brown rice.
Soup (The following soup is optional one)

Lily mushroom soup, seaweed and radish soup, burdock carrot soup, soy ribs soup, winter melon soup clams benefit.

Main course (The following two kinds of main dish optional)

Cold bamboo shoots, yam salad, cold asparagus, scallops, mushrooms, silver sprouts shredded chicken, crabs 1, tomato scrambled eggs, green steamed fish, taro, chicken, shrimp fried sugar pea, scallops mustard, rich roe tofu, preserved eggs, tofu, dried tofu, shredded chicken.


The staple food (the staple food of the following optional one)
Mung bean porridge bowl, a bowl of fish porridge.

Soup (soup of the following optional one)

Nymphoides small soup, vegetable bean curd soup, lotus seeds tremella soup, bitter melon rib soup.

The main course (The following two kinds of main dish Optional)

Hot green spinach, bamboo shoot salad, cucumber salad, fruit salad, string beans, fried chicken, green steamed fish, pumpkin Chicken, mushrooms Chaodou dry, spicy bean curd.

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