Thursday, August 11, 2011

Balthus’s Entire Life and His Paintings

Balthus's life spanned the entire 20th century, but also half of the 20th century European painting, the last survivor, and also the very limited number of lifetime can exhibit their works in the Louvre in Paris is one of the artists. There are historians that in the past 100 years of the 20th century, only three can affect the painting, Picasso, Matisse, and Balthus; Balthus's main achievements is that he will be further developed realism painting, and will also be in Paris and the artistic achievements of the essence of humanist ideas into our life times. Thus, some critics and collectors to him as a "genius dream world who decorated," "anti-mainstream painting's artist" and his representative works are "card game", "bird crow and the Maiden" "Girls and Guitar," "Cat and mirrors", "Dream Series". Either way, Balthus painting in the history of the world have the status is indisputable.
The great genius is always accompanied by great character, perhaps, it is hard to believe he is most worthy of imperial letter what is the appeal of his art or his arrogant attitude toward life? Balthus starting from a young age, there the idea of a painting, for he is concerned, it is the sincere expression of his inner world, in the real world may be denied and ignored, but he never tried to Balthus learned in school to add their own source of Western art the art world, so in the long years, he has always been the accumulation of their own lonely painting techniques, tenacious in the studio alone to study. Especially for those who do not understand him even mocking his people, always arrogant and rude. Humble and natural. The loneliness of the artist, said the public vulgar contempt for "bourgeois" never compromise, especially on the road in his art has always maintained the unique insights and is a "romantic," the rebels. He would rather lonely life, too, because he does not belong to this age, he lives in their chosen space and time. He was a time not all about the art in him, tenacious nature and patience as the constituent elements of the most solid, while he was an insatiable in their own master.
Balthus (Balthus, 1908 ---- 2001), was born in Paris, France, is a Polish noble family, his father was an art historian, painter, Daumier in France is to study the authority of scholars. Balthus is a college-educated artists have never, since the 1950s, his works were widely recognized and praised the community; 1961 the French Minister of Culture appointed him president of the French Academy in Rome; 1976, the French government to grant His "National Arts Award"; 1991, Japan Art Association awarded him "Empire Art Award"; 1993, Switzerland Pelosi Ye Yali local government awarded him the "honorary citizens"; 1995, Balthus exhibition in Beijing, China Art Museum. In 1997, he began the mountain villa in Switzerland reclusive life until death in 2001.

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