Monday, August 29, 2011

Use Oil Painting Describe His own Love Life

The second stage, based on his wife, modeled on Western, and describe his own love life. During this period of creation, in his ideal image of women - the delicate quiet temperament, contemplative dreamy appearance, tempting burnout melancholy to performance. 60-80 years, when the art of Rossetti's most mature period, the wife's tragic death in West gave him a fatal wound. In the works, pre-jewel-like colors, turning bright line style soft edges, fuzzy body, lyrical weakened, people slow pace, facial expressions fade loose depletion. This period also that the third stage, he created a series of sentimental mood of women with a personal portrait, decadent mood, a symbol of a strong sense, meaning difficult and tend to be obscure. In the 1980s, the decline of Rossetti's artistic emergence of the phenomenon, he has completely betrayed the original purpose of the Pre-Raphaelite, he then painted the characters face is almost identical - the thick black hair, slender neck, two film tempting thick lips, shows a morbid or melancholy drunkenness, decadent beauty, this is a common problem Rossetti oil painting, the artist is unhappy, self-sinking of the results have been entirely his own portrayal of the soul. During this period the more famous works include "Daydream."

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