Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feel the Warmth of a Romantic Winter Landscape Painting

In today's oil industry, the Korean landscape painting is no doubt stood out. We all know that in Korea, the artist's hierarchy is very clear, that and a country's political system and ideology and culture related, but also reflects a nation's character and integrity. Because of some political reasons, North Korea is a relatively isolated country, with little communication with the outside world, but the attitude of this nation for the arts is very important, not only inherit and develop their most valuable and most traditional ethnic art, but also to learn new art from the outside world, to learn the essence of world art to enrich their own national culture, painting is one of them.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists mention the winter we always can not help but think of the swirling snow, biting winds and snow after a night Pear Trees to open the kind of scene, the winter cold air always feel exceptionally clear, snow ice and snow all the world like the evils of the world are covered up, leaving only the purity of heaven and earth, standing in the way the world will always make people feel a fresh, a beautiful, in the Korean paintings depicting many of the mountain Lin Dongjing, Po-mall of this "ice and snow," it portrayed for us a beautiful picture of a romantic winter, distant mountain in the snow against the background look like pure, very reluctant to let the good eyeful.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists was once described throughout the year: spring is green, representing hope and the beginning; summer is red, representing the passion and growth; autumn is golden yellow, representing the rich and the harvest ; winter is white, representing the quiet and pure. This description is certainly beautiful, lively, but if you just use a color to summarize a season on a bit monotonous, but in fact we live in this world every moment is beautiful, are colorful, white winter The main colors, but it has its colorful side of Po-Mall of the painting "Winter Morning" portrayed for us a winter morning the rising sun will be shining beautiful speckled mountain scenes, as if the hills are covered with white coated with a layer of snow glory, as if the winter cold is gentle up.

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