Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Sensation of Urgency and Sensation of Speed

"Down the stairs belonging towards Nude" was described like a "people can endure previous the limits" belonging towards work, it is one filled with legendary anti-art anti-traditional and decisive work, it might be an a " Cubism "and" Dada "style works. If we lack the artistic ideas of Du Shangsheng calm and understanding belonging towards concept, difficult to appreciate his work. via the viewpoint of artwork history, said, Duchamp's "Nude along the stairs," might be the artist belonging towards traditional artwork of painting for just about any complete revolution belonging towards decisive work, and composed records, he experienced a photographer buddy to figure out a repeat of publicity belonging towards film, the sort of continuing movements and overlap of him with outstanding inspiration. on this work, the artist is no extended viewed as an objective belonging towards characters, but will split along the stairs naked ladies in to some obstruct type set up via the lines, we are in a location to faintly see the show concerning the action of fairly a quantity of overlapping shape, specifically in lumination belonging towards vivid yellow lumination using the cross-brilliance, celebration set cross-cutting action phantom grid was set up inside a really hurry, being certain the fact that industrial age to create a show supplements and adult men and females intertwined using the sensation of urgency and sensation of speed.

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