Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Artist with the Generation of Controllability

It might be said, the girl within the display that is not only a trace of attractiveness grimace in discomfort at all, as well as a hideous face, providing a sensation of fear. Wild brush strokes and multi-colored like a multi-colored whirlwind of color, providing a messy scene - anything revolves close to the super-powerful woman. through the method stage of view, this powerful girl total of durability and develop the picture shaped through the pigment, it is de Kooning masterpiece, the well-known "Woman" sequence in one. De Kooning painting exhibits the stages with the non-abstract fine art exploration of women's knowledge.
De Kooning could be the American abstract expressionist college of painting in New York's primary members, he stressed the spontaneous fine art of painting with the painting, natural, rough, bold strokes, and warm, free, to type a bumpy colour rigid romantic relationship in between the composition, we see through the picture, the artist with the generation of controllability is weakened, but he intends to manage the screen, albeit inside of a far more 100 percent free expression, but painting methods have been demonstrated in manage head.

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