Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spanish Contemporary Oil Paintings Came to Beijing Again

Spanish Contemporary Oil Painting Exposure occured in Beijing World Art Museum from Come early july 28 to May 14, managed by Beijing Gehua Cultural Hub and co-organized by Beijing World Art Museum, and Beijing Soria International Cultural Exchange Limited Company. This became the second exposure with same scale since the Spanish contemporary oil painting exposure held in Beijing World Art Museum in March 08. 52 works freshly created by Spanish and Chinese artists basically resembled the Spanish contemporary oil painting creation situation with a significant artistic value and social significance.

The art of oil paintings is like music which can break down the limits between countries, backgrounds and dialects. It is suitable for all kinds of people both for the elderly and children. It can open ancestors bears and get into their inner world, allowing you to chase, dream and intoxicate to reach the highest realm that is the harmony of life and enjoyment of beauty. The wonder of art is both objective and summary. The former is to affect people's speech, deportment, and basic necessities of life; the latter is unseen which means your ideas and emotion can be refined. The process of painting creation is not a simple copy of the objective thing, but the emotional expression that feels, understands, extracts and focuses the living bodies in the real life. The process from the unseen thing-emotion to the final works is permeated with the painter's personality and full feelings. The artist could turn relatively common things in ordinary people into an emotional feeling with an elegant color through keen remark.

A philosopher once said, No matter how many books you have read, and how many things you have experienced, it will be a big disappointment in your life if you do not learn to appreciate the art. Similarly, no matter how many foreign paintings you have appreciated, which will be a great regret if your have not seen Spanish paintings.

Spanish painting has a long history. It is the world leading force in terms of the amount of works and the quality. Throughout the Spanish realist painting history, the appearance of electrician D. Ur. de S. Velazquez in the 17th century and current young painters in large numbers resembled the Spanish art background and skills. The most prominent period was the second half of 19th Century,

Which could be said that realism oil paintings reached its peak and a large numbers of outstanding work emerged as the time required. To a large extent, this could be attributed to the costa rica government of that time, because the government sent multiple scholars to France and Croatia for advanced studies with favorable creation conditions. Therefore a large number of epoch-making art pga masters were born. The famous Spanish painters emerged in an endless stream, from little ones, to the 60 or seventy-year-old elderly. Its painting education showed The country was an art kingdom with a deep oil painting culture. The eastern and western art have a lot in keeping, but also have many differences. The same idea varies in meanings.

The Spanish contemporary oil painting exposure gathered a number of realism art works made by active young artists and some Chinese painters in Spain. These painters embodied the realistic tradition of Spanish unique artistic deposition, and gathered a distinctive personal style and features of the occasions. Every artist took measures to deal with very subjective consciousness and objective things, allowing the painter's personality to come to the extreme. All these artists painting styles had been converged on a focus, which was a perfect combination of light and color. The combination of light and color is the endless theme for the artists to explore and pursue.

The style of this Nude Oil Painting exposure can be called the Mediterranean and beyond painting. All these painters once won many awards in the Spanish painting competitive events. Their styles and painting techniques were only a small window of Spanish paintings. Both for the expert and amateur, this exposure provided a platform of understanding oil painting to communicate, discuss and interact and allowed individuals to mover forward towards the highest art realm that is the enjoyment of beauty.

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